Application Criteria

The Application Process for Interested Renters

Note:  This information is for apartment housing only... renters interested in office space should email us for information about this application process.


We are a little different from other housing providers in that we are truly first-come, first-served.  We don't hold open houses and collect applications from dozens of people and then choose the "best" applicant from the pile.  Instead, we work with one interested tenant at a time.

We do not rent sight-unseen (we want you to be happy with your new home!), but we can accommodate FaceTime tours.

Once a tenant has viewed an apartment and is ready to commit, we can offer "conditional approval of housing" subject to our standard application review (see below). We collect a security deposit (one month's rent in a check or money order), and we take the apartment off the market while we process the application. 


This puts a little more responsibility on perspective tenants to be ready to commit to an apartment quickly, but it also means that once they do commit, they don't have to wait for a long time to know if the apartment is theirs.  We also do not have any application fee or other move in fees or surcharges. If your application is rejected for any reason we refund the deposit in full (we pay for the credit check).


Finally, there should never be any mystery as to whether you will qualify for an apartment.  Our application is online, and below are our criteria for approving or disapproving applications:


Equal Housing:  We follow all Fair Housing guidelines.


Employment History :  Stable employment and income verification is required.  We require phone confirmation of employment and salary.  Self employment must show two years of tax records.


Income:  Each individual applicant must net 2.5 times the monthly rent.  This is one category where we have a little wiggle room... if your income is close, we can lean more heavily on the credit report and rental reference.


Credit and Background Verification:  We process each applicant's background and credit through an independent verification service.  All applicants must be in good standing with all creditors.  Unsatisfactory credit or background may disqualify an applicant.  If you have experienced credit problems within the past two years, a satisfactory written explanation is required.  Your credit report must be free of debt charge-offs, judgements or liens.  Re-established credit history for one year or longer is required.


Rental History: Present and previous residency (rental or mortgage loans) must be verifiable and in good standing.  All applicants must apply separately to reside in your apartment home.


Denial of Application:  Applications may be denied for...


1) Falsified or incomplete applications


2) Insufficient income (monthly income must be 2.5 times the monthly rent... see note above)


3) Poor credit history... especially evidence of charge offs or current collections


4) Poor rental history - including non-payment of rent or eviction, history of drug use, poor housekeeping, unruly or destructive behavior by occupants or occupant's guests, other lease violations


5) Unfavorable criminal background history of occupant (subject to the rules of Fair Housing and DC Housing law)

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